We believe the key to doing great work is doing our homework. Discovery isn’t just part of the process at Chemistry; it’s part of our culture. We continually strive to understand everything we can about our clients, their industries, products & services, customers, business cultures, competition, processes, advantages and opportunities. Not just brand education; brand immersion. This persistent curiosity and proactive thinking are key ingredients in our culture and fundamental to Chemistry’s role as a strategic partner for our clients.


The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. At Chemistry, it’s a direct line between client and creative. Our management structure reflects this philosophy, in that we really don’t have a management structure. There are no middle managers on the sidelines controlling the thought process. No channels. No layers. (We don’t even have official job titles.) The people managing the work are the ones creating it. Though everyone has a primary role at the agency, each member of the team is highly involved in the day-to-day operations and shares responsibility for fulfilling our clients’ expectations—in both the quality of the work and the timeliness in which it’s delivered—making certain that nothing interferes with creation of purposeful, effective work.


Companies are like people. When boiled down to basic elements, we believe the qualities and characteristics that make people unique are the very same attributes that make companies unique. Consumers have relationships with their brands. Whether product or service, B-to-B or

B-to-C, soft drinks or software, T-shirts or T-bills, every company has a special connection with their customers. Understanding that relationship is the key to effective brand communications. That’s what we’re all about. At Chemistry we don’t reinvent brands; we rediscover them, rejuvenate them. Our mission is to help companies recognize their uniqueness, redefine their strategic communications and reconnect with customers on a deeper, personal level…creating stronger brands and companies that people like.